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Being one of the most in-demand global logistics company, managing tons of goods around the globe, they’ve introduced XPO tracking to help you always stay sure that your merchandise moves in the most efficient and prompt way possible. Our website offers you the easiest and fastest way to track your shipment globally using any kind of device and without mandatory registration. With k2track.in XPO pro tracking can be done in seconds and only requires your tracking number to get you access to all necessary information about your delivery.

  • What is XPO tracking number?

    When you order a shipment to be delivered by the carrier, it is registered in the database under a unique number, which is XPO tracking number. It is used to identify your goods during their transmission through the logistics chain so that at any given moment they can be located and recognized by the tracking system.

  • How to use XPO tracking numbers?

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    xpo pro tracking

    To track your delivery, all you have to do is have your shipment number ready and have access to our website. Your XPO tracking numbers have to be typed into the input field on the tracking page. After you click on the track button, the most recent status update will be displayed to you on the results screen. In case you need more information, you can access tracking history.

  • Problems with XPO freight tracking

    When you’re expecting an important shipment, one of the worst things to see on your tracking results page is an indication of any sort of problem with delivery. At times your XPO freight tracking results might show a problem with either shipment transition or the tracking system itself. For example, if you do not see any results at all, it can be a sign of a problem with system. In such case you are advised to try again in a couple of hours to let us fix the issue. If your XPO tracking was not updated for too long, or shows that your shipment is stuck awaiting actions from either sender or recipient, please do contact customer support to resolve this as soon as possible.

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XPO Logistics review by Justin L


They lost my first order, $3000 order. So the shipper had to resend it, at XPO's expense, and as of right now it's 2 days late. Customer service is awful also. They were no help during the lost item extravaga. Luckily the shipper had excellent customer service

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XPO Logistics review by jeff kinsey


they are the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with when I got my brush cutter from them it was scratch all up and bent all up i wood never us them for shipping. I wood rate them at 0 for everything

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XPO Logistics review by Toni Morris


I appreciated the service . The men did an excellent job. I would give them a 10. Thank you, Toni Morris

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XPO Logistics review by Emily


XPo delivers aways on time even on holidays - that's amazing, thank you!!!

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XPO Logistics review by Megan


Very poor service can't rate it at all been waiting a week for redelivery .I have made two call and been on hold for half a hr each time and have been told on both occations that redelivery has been arranged .why you guys are still in business I do not know and God help any future customers if you can call them that because the are not treated as That !

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XPO Logistics review by Irvin


They said it would be delivered today. Here it is 9:00 p.m. and its still not here! Unacceptable service

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