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XPO Logistics Tracking

XPO Logistics Tracking

xpo logistics freight tracking

XPO is one of major postal service provides in the US. It offers XPO logistics tracking: a comprehensive solution for delivery management. It allows for getting all essential information about deliveries and provides a quick access to the shipping status. This detailed guide explains how to use the tracking tool by XPO.

  • How does XPO logistics freight tracking work?

    xpo logistics pro tracking

    xpo logistics freight inc tracking

    The tracking service by XPO is very simple in use. Several options are available for customers – they can learn the shipping status without signing up, or get more details upon registering on the official XPO website.

    Here are XPO logistics freight tracking options:

    • Open the website, find the Track section in the upper menu, and enter the tracking number. You will see the current shipping status. No signing up is required.
    • Sign up on XPO website and enter your personal account. Find the Deliveries section and get access to delivery details. In some cases, shipments can be managed (user can change the destination or time of delivery prior to dispatching).
    • XPO logistics tracking is also possible if a customer visits the nearest XPO office. Assistants will provide the shipment details and help manage deliveries.

    Note that there is no mobile XPO app, however, the website is mobile-optimized, and users can easily open the personal account on their smartphone.

  • How to find XPO logistics tracking number?

    As it has been mentioned, the shipping status can be checked on the official website or via third-party tracking services. Where to find the XPO logistics tracking number?

    • It’s always specified in the confirmation emails.
    • In the personal account.
    • In shipping documents.

    Alternatively, you can visit the nearest XPO office and ask assistants’ help.

  • About XPO logistics PRO tracking

    Registered customers can use XPO logistics PRO tracking number. It is available in all incoming emails and personal account. The PRO service allows tracking deliveries, accessing shipment documents and receipts, and seeing the history of shipments. Up to 35 PRO numbers can be entered simultaneously.

    With the help of XPO logistics LTL tracking registered customers can get comprehensive information about shipments and access the essential information to enjoy simple and flawless delivery management. The company simplifies the process of tracking and provides all necessary tools online and in offices.

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XPO Logistics review by Justin L


They lost my first order, $3000 order. So the shipper had to resend it, at XPO's expense, and as of right now it's 2 days late. Customer service is awful also. They were no help during the lost item extravaga. Luckily the shipper had excellent customer service

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XPO Logistics review by jeff kinsey


they are the worst shipping company I have ever dealt with when I got my brush cutter from them it was scratch all up and bent all up i wood never us them for shipping. I wood rate them at 0 for everything

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XPO Logistics review by Toni Morris


I appreciated the service . The men did an excellent job. I would give them a 10. Thank you, Toni Morris

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XPO Logistics review by Emily


XPo delivers aways on time even on holidays - that's amazing, thank you!!!

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XPO Logistics review by Megan


Very poor service can't rate it at all been waiting a week for redelivery .I have made two call and been on hold for half a hr each time and have been told on both occations that redelivery has been arranged .why you guys are still in business I do not know and God help any future customers if you can call them that because the are not treated as That !

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XPO Logistics review by Irvin


They said it would be delivered today. Here it is 9:00 p.m. and its still not here! Unacceptable service

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