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We are thrilled to welcome you to our website, providing USPS tracking for all your parcels, letters, documents and any other kind of mail sent by the national postal carrier of the United States. Here you can track your domestic and international deliveries sent by regular, certified, priority or any other kind of service you can think of. If your item is travelling with USPS tracking package is as simple as ABC, where A stands for visiting our website, B – entering your tracking number, C – having your tracking results ready and displayed before your eyes.

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usps package tracking

  • Who needs USPS package tracking?

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    At times, especially when your delivery status is not updated regularly enough, you might start wondering if there is any purpose in USPS package tracking. And of course, if your delivery only takes a couple of days and is progressing smoothly, you can go on with your life without ever having to trace a package. But if your parcel is taking too long to arrive, and particularly if it is an international dispatch, USPS tracking of package will help you find out where exactly your parcel stuck at, and decide what you are supposed to do about it in order to receive the item as soon as possible.

  • Can I track without USPS tracking number?

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    One of the most common problems with tracking would be that you have lost your shipping receipt and now you don’t have your USPS tracking number. In such case most customers would usually try to use their name, phone number, email, name of the company that sent their parcel, delivery address and whatnot to find out tracking details for their packages. Unfortunately, the existing system allows us to obtain any information and thus provide USPS tracking by tracking number only. With the number of parcels handled by the company at the same time, encoding parcels with their unique numbers is the only justified and effective way to keep track of them.

  • Unsatisfied with tracking USPS deliveries?

    If you did not get the results you were expecting from tracking USPS delivery, or you have any further questions about interpreting your tracking results. Also in case the results indicated that there is a problem with your parcel and it requires your involvement, do not hesitate to contact company’s customer support to ask for assistance with USPS tracking or parcel delivery.

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USPS review by Maaz


Cheap service i order the sample on 15 september 2022 from USA i pay fast delivery charges butt i can not delivered my sample now so all of you guyz please i suggest use fedex service this is the most best and wonderfull service thank you

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USPS review by Andy Horacio romero JR


Rude and disrespectful CSR’s cant never get a straight answer from any of your employees my package can’t be delivered yet and its been in my city for the past 4 days

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USPS review by Analiza VEQUEZO


When you delivered my parcel is already here in Lebanon

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USPS review by Ibrahim


You said my package delivered in my box mail from 6 days and nothing's inside it

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USPS review by Chika


Is been 131days my package is still on transit, i really don't know what to say anymore because have been sending messages to usps office, but still no solution or the where about of my package.poor services

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USPS review by Eric


Why are y'all holding on to my package since Friday 7/15 today is 7/19 still no package ?????? Why y'all hold my package isn't it a federal crime to steal mail so why you steal my mail ??????

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