USPS text tracking 28777


One of the most useful option, provided by the national US postal company, is the USPS text tracking. This service helps to notify those customers, who can’t access the Internet at any time, but need to be informed about the exact parcel’s whereabouts and status. The only one thing you should have is your cell phone.

28777 text

USPS text tracking

How to receive a text message from 28777?

You can receive from number 28777 text messages in different ways, namely:

  • text your tracking number to 2USPS (28777) via cell phone. After this, you will receive a reply, which contains the latest status of your parcel.
  • text to 2USPS (28777) your tracking number and a keyword to get some specific info according to the package.
  • via the website — subscribe to the text informing after tracking your parcel there. The benefit of this way is that you can choose the exact data, which you want to receive.

28777 tracking keywords definition

If you use 28777 tracking often, you should know that this service has one more useful feature, namely — more accurate information about the parcel’s status.

To get it, you should've sent a message to 28777 number, and write there your tracking number and the necessary keyword.

You can get definitions of all the keywords by sending a message “KEYWORD” to 28777 — and you will receive all of them with explanations.

Also, these words are represented below.

2usps tracking 28777

USPS tracking 28777

Which data does USPS text tracking message contains?

It depends on what type of info you have ordered. A typical message usually looks like this:

text 28777

28777 tracking

How to cancel text 28777 notifications?

You should send a word “STOP” on 2USPS (28777) and then you won’t receive any messages no more until you ask to renew it. Also, you can use other words with the same meaning, like “CANCEL”, “QUIT”, “UNSUBSCRIBE”, etc.

More full information about this service and its features you can find here