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One of the biggest concerns when sending any sort of mail as an individual or business customer would always be: if USPS rates grew lately and how much you’ll have to spend on the delivery. Of course being a national postal carrier, this company is considered a more low-cost service provider compared to private carrier companies, and they do try to keep the rates on a competitive level. So if you do not yet use their services, but consider starting that, you can compare USPS package rates to the prices for your current carrier, and decide if national postal service is an option for your private or business mailing.

What are USPS mailing rates for parcels?

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If you don’t use company’s mailing services that often and are not sure how much the delivery, and especially international delivery, will put a strain on your budget, you can always check with USPS mailing rates at carrier’s official website. You can find the rates for most kinds of deliveries by downloading the current price chart from USPS website. This document includes retail and commercial rates for priority, first-class and regular deliveries both domestic and international. You can also find info about some extra services and fees there, like USPS box rates, insurance, signature confirmation, special handling services for fragile goods, and lots more. The document is updated regularly and can be found in ‘pricing’ section in pdf or html format for your convenience.

What are USPS letter rates?

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If you are planning to send a simple letter, there is no need to put much effort into search for USPS letter rates, you only have to remember two numbers. Prices for your letters sent in a regular-sized rectangular envelope start from $0.55, for irregular envelopes – from $0.70. Those are the prices for letters weighing under 1 ounce. For each additional ounce your parcel weighs you’ll have to pay additional $0.21. In order to correctly estimate USPS envelope rates, make sure your letter corresponds to size standards. You can check that at USPS official website.

How to calculate USPS overseas rates?

In order to estimate the price for your international delivery, there is a lot of different factors you should consider. The price would depend on the class of your delivery, parcel’s size and weight, destination country, etc. There are no clearly set USPS overseas rates, but you can always use online calculator at carrier’s website . You get the price for your delivery fast and effortlessly by simply filling in some info about the item into online-form. It can also be used to calculate domestic delivery prices if you’re not too eager to go through the whole pamphlet of info to find out your price.

It also should be said that USPS rates for regular mail services do not change drastically in recent years, since the company tries to provide them for the most affordable price possible, especially when it comes to overseas deliveries.