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Want to store your personal documents and other stuff in a safe place? A USPS PO box is a safe and secure method of storage. This guide is here to help you find a PO box, explain how it works, and how you can benefit from it.

What is a USPS post office box?

Every customer of USPS company can order a Post Office box: this is a small safe where you can store your personal items. Once you get the key from your USPS post office box, be sure – its contents will stay safe and secure. Today, this is one of the simplest and smartest solutions for storage of personal items.

What are the reasons to order a PO box?

  • Total security of your deliveries and personal items. Once a shipment is brought to the USPS office, it will be immediately put in your USPS PO box. No prying eyes!
  • This is the best way to ensure the confidentiality of your documents and communications. No one else can get access to your safe.
  • Your box will be accessible 24/7, and you will get smartphone notifications when you have mail, or if your box is accessible at Premium box locations.

How to order USPS PO box rental?

usps po box rates

usps post office box rental

Applying for USPS PO box rental is quite easy. It can be done in three easy steps:

  • Search for Post Office locations (the search bar under ‘Reserve a New PO box’).
  • Select a Post Office location, choose your PO box size and the payment period.
  • Enter the Contact & Billing Information section to reserve the safe.

When it comes to USPS PO box rates, it depends on the duration of service and locations. In some offices, renting a small PO box for 6 months is worth $19, while in other places it costs $75. Check the rates on the USPS website beforehand.

The size of the box is what should define your choice. USPS provides 5 different types of boxes. If you only need to store letters and a few documents, USPS small flat rate box postage will be the most agreeable choice for you.

How to manage a PO box?

In order to work with your post office box, you don’t need to visit the USPS office – it can be done in your personal account on the official website. In your personal cabinet, you can:

  • Reserve a PO Box in a selected location (it can be found if you use your address or ZIP code),
  • Renew a PO box and pay for the next reservation period;
  • Link your PO box to your account on USPS website

USPS post office box rental is the best way to secure your documents, shipments, and letters. If you value privacy and safety, this feature will prove invaluable.