USPS missing package

usps missing package

usps package

You’ve lost your USPS package? Don’t know how to retrieve your shipment, and who ask to help? In this article about USPS missing package, you will find out what to do for USPS to find your delivery, and how to pack the items to decrease the risk of loss.

USPS package: How to pack your items?

When it comes to postal services provided by large companies, there’s always a minor risk of loss: all in all, millions of shipments are processed, so human factor cannot be excluded. However, you can decrease the chances of USPS package being lost by packing it properly.

How to do it?

  • Pack your box and choose the right size: it should be big enough to hold the item and padding.
  • Make sure size & weight limits are followed.
  • Write or print address clearly, don’t forget about ZIP code.
  • Select the corresponding mail service. There’s the whole set of convenient tariff provided by USPS: send package any convenient way.
  • Calculate and apply postage.

USPS package rates

Before you send your parcel, you might wonder how much it will cost. USPS has different services, so it won’t be a problem to find a tariff that fits your budget. You can use their online shipping cost calculator, or check USPS package rates and the cost of shipping services on their official website.

Note that it’s always better to pack parcels in the official USPS boxes – they have all necessary forms printed, and their dimensions corresponds with the official size requirements. Boxes are sold in all USPS offices. On this page, you can check out USPS package prices.

What if my parcel was lost anyway?

usps where is my package

usps mail package

If your parcel has been lost, there are several things you should do. First of all, you should make sure that the address of receiver was specified correctly: check both address and ZIP-code. Secondly, you can track a parcel using the tracking number (it’s specified in confirmation mail, your personal USPS account, and any related documents if such were given).

Nothing helps? Then claim your USPS missing package by contacting USPS customer support.

On this page you will find detailed instructions on what to do in case of package loss. Mind that each mailing service has its own rules, and sometimes, your parcel might simply be on its way to the receiver. USPS will do its best to help you find your parcel.