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How to send a parcel quickly and safely? Use USPS first class package service – it’s the most convenient way of sending and receiving items. For extra bucks, you will sleep soundly knowing that your package will be delivered undamaged in a jiffy. How does this service work, and what is it worth? This guide is here to explain you everything.

USPS first class package time

USPS first class package time is way shorter than in standard services. As a rule, it takes 1-3 business days for lightweight packages and envelopes. When it comes to international delivery, the shipping time might take up to one week depending on the destination. In one delivery, you can combine extra services, and get up to 3.5 ounces free with commercial priced cards and letters.

USPS first class package requirements are simple. Here’s what you should do:

  • Choose a suitable box and pack your items (it should be full enough to fit the item and support it against damage). Boxes that can be processed with automated mail-processing equipment usually cost less.
  • Address the package by specifying the address on the labels clearly. Use ink that doesn’t smear, and don’t forget to use the ZIP code. USPS first class package intl labels are different – use this type of label for parcels shipped across the US.
  • Select the type of mail service (there are several first-class mail services available). You can arrange the order on the USPS website and pay for the service using your credit card.
  • Take the parcel to the nearest USPS office (in some cases, your appointment should be scheduled).

How much does USPS first class package service cost?

usps first class package rates

usps first class package intl service

USPS first class package service is not as expensive as it seems. If you send envelopes, you will need to buy special stamps. The stamps for this service are rated at 1 oz and don’t expire even if the stamp price increases. When it comes to parcels, you can check the cost on the USPS website: there is an online calculator that’s quite easy to use.

USPS first class package rates for stamps and envelopes are the following:

  • The standard-sizes letters cost from $0.55;
  • Oversized and oddly shaped envelope stamps are worth $0.70 and higher;
  • Postcard stamps cost $0.35 and $0.55 (irregular shape).

The cost of boxes and packages depends on many factors, including the dimensions and weight, type of contents, and so on.

With USPS first class package intl service and domestic shipping, you can be sure that your packages will be insured and delivered in a timely manner.