USPS Drop Off

usps drop off

usps parcel drop off

If you are tired of waiting in lines trying to post your parcel at local PO and are perfectly able to register your parcel online at carrier’s website, then USPS drop off is just the feature for you. Now you can create your shipping label online by filling in a couple of forms, prepay your delivery, print the label and send the parcel at the nearest drop point without having to spend a lot of time trying to dispatch something at local post office like it is usually done.

Although one should also mind that USPS parcel drop off is a service only available for domestic parcels that were prepaid and correctly packaged in advance. You can always track the parcel you dropped off, it will be registered properly after it is collected from drop point and processed.

What are USPS drop off times?

usps drop off times

usps priority mail drop off

Most of the self-service collection boxes are available around the clock, so you can drop your parcel off at any time convenient for you, USPS drop off times mostly restricts only the latest time your parcel can be collected from the box and sent for processing to the nearest sorting center.

Some of the boxes are emptied on weekends and after regular business hours, others – before 5 pm on business days only. Pick up hours for each particular location are to be found directly on the USPS mail drop off boxes. Sometimes the hours can be changed due to transportation issues or for other reasons. So it is best to check the schedule online before going to drop your mail off. It can be done using the locator that will be mentioned below.

How to find closest USPS drop off location?

If you are looking for the nearest place to drop your parcel off at, you can use the online locator at carrier’s official website.

To find the closest USPS drop off box set location type as ‘collection boxes’ and indicate the preferred latest collection time and the type of delivery service. Then enter your address or zip code and get all the nearest locations displayed to you on the map with information about them listed on the side. You’ll be able to find the latest daily collection times for each USPS drop off location on the list to plan your visit and manage your deliveries accordingly.