USPS Drop Box

usps drop box

usps drop off box

If you’re sending a small envelope, you might already know that it does not necessarily require you visiting local PO, all you have to do is find the blue USPS Drop Box and put your mailpiece in.

But when it comes to bigger dispatches, there are several ways to post them: at local carrier’s office, by putting prelabeled parcel into your mailbox for collection, by getting company’s courier collect it at your place, or in case your item is too valuable to leave it unattended and waiting for the courier does not fit into your schedule, - by dropping it off at local USPS mail drop box. You can either search for approved postal providers’ offices or use drop boxes of other carriers to post your parcels for delivery.

How to find USPS drop box locations?

Much like most things nowadays, this can easily be done online. Carrier’s official website offers lots of useful tools among which you can find an office locator. In order to find USPS drop box locations you should:

  • go to USPS website
  • choose the type of location you need
  • enter your address or post code.

The results will indicate all the locations in your area to choose from. You can sort them by distance, and see some contact info and business hours for all the locations from the list.

How to use USPS drop off box?

The first thing to remember is that you drop off only prepaid parcels with shipping label. No matter if you use USPS drop off box or other carrier’s box to post your parcel, the label must be found on your package.

So the procedure is quite a simple one. You register your delivery online at carrier’s website, pay for it,choose the suitable posting method, then pack your item carefully and stick shipping label onto the box. Then you take your parcel to the nearest USPS drop box and leave it there to be picked up by the courier during the collection hours.

You’ll be able to track the delivery progress using after your parcel is collected and started moving.