USPS Delivery Times

usps delivery times

usps mail delivery time

In order to carefully plan your important deliveries it is best to consider USPS delivery times before you choose the type of service to use for sending your urgent and less urgent mail. Usually, when you register your parcel for delivery online at carrier’s website, and have to choose the type of delivery, you’ll see some basic info about the estimated duration of the delivery, which is usually from 1 to 8 business days.

For example for USPS priority mail delivery time for most states is 1-3 business days whereas for regular ground delivery it can take 2-8 business days to get your parcel to its destination.

How to find out USPS mail delivery time?

usps express mail delivery time

usps latest delivery time

You can always check the estimated delivery time for most services at USPS website before ordering a delivery or visiting your local PO to drop a parcel off. USPS mail delivery time for domestic parcels is usually somewhere within the specified timeframes without significant delays.

As for the international mail, unfortunately it is much harder to estimate time of arrival. Most international services because of customs clearance and other obstacles can take 3-4 weeks, even though USPS express mail delivery time for international mail is 3-5 business days .