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usps click n ship

One of the largest postal service providers, USPS makes delivery easier thanks to Click n ship service. With this option, customers save boatloads of time and enjoy convenient shipping. What is it, how it works, and how customers benefit from this option?

USPS click and ship - What is it?

This is a service that simplifies the process of delivery to a great extent. You can use it in your personal account whenever you need to send parcels. With USPS click and ship, the user needs just pay for postage, print out a label on usual paper, and fill in all the forms. With this label and parcel packed, your shipment is ready for delivery - there is no need to visit USPS office and spend your time on filling in the documents. You only have to send the parcel by bringing it to USPS office or leaving in a dropbox.

How does USPS Click n ship work?

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usps click & ship

USPS click n ship service is very easy in use. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Visit the official USPS website and proceed to your personal account.
  • Order a shipping service, specify the details (parcel weight and dimensions, addresses of sender and receiver, and other details).
  • Pay for the postage.
  • Print out click n ship labels and fill in the forms.

Now, if your parcel is packed, you can take it to a USPS office or a dropbox – there is no need to work with other documents. Note that the label will also contain the delivery confirmation numbers to track the date of delivery.

All you should know about the service: a short FAQ

Is the service free? Yes, the label will be generated for free – you only need to pay for the postal service. Besides, you can organize a free package pickup.

‘Can I use USPS click n ship labels for any service?’ – some customers ask. No, Click-n-ship service does not apply to a few mail classes, including First-Class Package Service, Media Mail, and Parcel Select. The opportunity to print label is also limited in priority mail classes.

Are there any discounts? Yes, there are $0.50 discounts for priority mail flat-rate boxes, as well as express mail flat-rate envelopes.

Can I print a label in the USPS office? Yes, you are free to go to the closest postal office where you can pay for a label and print it out. Alternatively, there are 24/7 kiosks that provide printing services.

Still have some questions left? On the official USPS website, you can see the list of questions and answers concerning Click n ship service. Note that there are a few rules and restrictions you should be aware of.