UPS store hours

ups store hours

ups store hours of operation

Want to send or receive a parcel? Need some postal services? Before you rush to the nearest postal office, you should know the UPS store hours. All in all, this is an official organization that sticks to some certain business schedule. In this ultimate guide, you will find out how to discover working hours in each particular UPS office.

How to find out UPS store hours near me?

ups store saturday hours

ups store locations and hours

To avoid wasting your time, you should know when exactly the nearest postal office is open. So, instead of googling ‘UPS store hours near me’, you can get the information on their official website. It’s important because UPS working hours depend on the office location.

To discover the hours of a UPS store close to you, open the website, select ‘Find Locations’ section and follow these steps:

  • Enter your address or ZIP code.
  • Select Find to show results.
  • Decide the best office for your needs.
  • Select the icon on the map that relates to your location to show the UPS store hours.

It’s easy as one-two-three!

Alternatively, you can check the business hours via third-party services, for example, Yelp. They show the office location as well as its telephone and business hours.

What are UPS store hours of operation?

ups store sunday hours

ups store working hours

As we have already mentioned, each office might have its own schedule, though the vast majority of stores stick to the traditional scheme. What are the UPS store hours of operation? As a rule, most UPS stores work Mon-Fri : 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

However, these hours can vary depending on the type of location. For example, some offices can open at 8:00 AM or even 9:00 AM. Luckily, drop off locations are available on a 24/7 basis, especially the ones that are located on the street.

UPS store Saturday hours

ups saturday store hours

hours of ups store near me

What about UPS store Saturday hours? Is the store open on Saturday? Yes, the vast majority of UPS offices work on this day of the week from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Thus, you have some time to send or receive your parcels.

As a rule, the same services are available – UPS accepts all parcels for standard and express shipping. Assistants can help you with packaging and document handling.

UPS store Sunday hours

what are the ups store hours

what are the hours for the ups store

What about UPS store Sunday hours? Unfortunately, all UPS stores are closed on Sunday – there is no opportunity for customers to send or receive a parcel, or get any services. If you want a package to be delivered by some certain time, keep in mind that your order won’t be placed on Sunday.

Need a package to be delivered as soon as possible? Use UPS time-critical shipping solutions, but remember that you will need to register such order beforehand.

UPS store working hours on holidays

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ups store weekend hours

How does UPS work on holidays? It actually depends on the type of holiday. For example, UPS offices are usually closed on Independence day or Christmas. During some other holidays (for example, Veterans’ Day), stores can shorten the schedule and close a few hours earlier.

In order to keep track of UPS store business hours during holidays, you can either call the offices you’re going to visit or check the news on the official UPS website. As a rule, it provides relevant information about the holiday schedule.

While UPS keeps delivering parcels around the clock, its stores and offices stick to the traditional working hours. Therefore, before visiting a location, find out the exact UPS store open hours - it will save you time. This information is always available on the UPS website.

If you don’t have free time, remember that you can always send your labeled and packed parcels with the help of drop off locations. UPS drop off boxes are open 24/7, and can always be found near your home.

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