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Want to visit a UPS office to send or receive a parcel? How to define the closest UPS store? You don’t have to leave your house to discover the nearest postal office! This guide is here to help you find the closest UPS location!

What’s the closest UPS store to me?

Since UPS company is a well-developed postal service provider, it runs thousands of offices around the USA. So if you are going to google ‘the closest UPS store to me’, it’s very likely that you have an office within a few meters. How to find it?

  • Visit the official UPS website.
  • Proceed to ‘Find a Store’.
  • Specify the address or ZIP code (you can search for offices by location or office number if you know any).

You will see the map where UPS office locations are shown. This way, you will have the visual presentation of the closest UPS store – it’s very convenient. Unlike FedEx, UPS has offices with pretty much the same functionality. All of them allow sending or receiving parcels, so you don’t need to specify the type of location. There are also many third-party postal offices representing the UPS company.

What time does the UPS store close?

what time does the ups store close

closest ups store near me

What time does the UPS store close? It depends on the office – some of them have different schedules. As a rule, most offices work Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. During holidays, the schedule can be slightly corrected. What you should know is that some offices are closed on the weekend. Not all UPS locations are open on Saturday.

‘How do I find the open closest UPS store to my location closest UPS store to my location?’ you may ask. If you need to visit an office during the weekend, during your location search, you should specify that the office should be ‘Open on Sunday / Saturday’. Note that Saturday schedule can be different: many UPS stores are open 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

You will see the business hours of each office on the results page where you search for UPS locations. Once you’ve found ‘the closest UPS store near me’, you can schedule an appointment online. It can also be done in the results panel – there’s no need to visit any other website. Using your UPS personal account, you can view and manage the appointment hours.

Being a well-established postal company, UPS operates a huge number of offices around the country. Besides, it allows other postal services to provide their services by a franchise. That means UPS is always nearby: you don’t have to go far to order high-quality delivery or receive a parcel.

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