UPS pick up locations

ups pickup locations

ups package pickup locations

If you are one of those people, who have no time to wait home for delivery guy, then you will definitely appreciate the convenience of UPS pickup locations. This carrier company partnered with a number of local businesses all over the United States to create a vast chain of locations where your parcels can be safely stored for you to pick them up at convenient time.

To make this service even more useful, you might also find that most of your neighborhood UPS package pickup locations are open until late hours and even on weekends. So if you order a parcel to be delivered to one of such locations, you can easily fit pickup into your schedule.

How to find UPS pickup locations near me?

nearest ups pickup location

ups store pickup locations

If you want to order delivery to a pickup location, you’ll have to provide its address when shipping label for your parcel is being created. To find UPS pickup locations near me use locator at carrier’s website.

All you have to do is enter the name of the city, choose suitable location type, set the filters indicating preferable distance to location, business hours, and get the results displaying all the nearby locations on the map. Choose your nearest UPS pickup location or go for the one that will have the most suitable schedule – it’s up to you.

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