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Need to use the services of American postal company and want to find a UPS office? It’s easier than you think – there’s no need to leave your home to define the closest location. Let’s find out how to figure out the UPS office address in a couple of clicks.

How to find a local UPS office?

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Since UPS is one of the largest postal service providers in North America, it runs thousands of offices across the USA. Most likely, you have a local UPS office in a few meters or miles from your home. If you want to discover a location you need to do the following:

  • Visit the official UPS website;
  • Proceed to ‘Locations’ section (the upper menu),
  • Specify your address or ZIP code in the search panel;
  • Narrow your search by options (the type of office or service you need),
  • Press ‘Search’.

You will see the nearest UPS office locations shown on the map – it’s the simplest way to define them. Press on a location, and you will see the business hours. Alternatively, you can call UPS customer support and ask them to help you find the closest location.

Please, note that many UPS offices work during business days only. If you need to visit UPS in the weekend, you can also find an open closest UPS office via the search by selecting the corresponding section.

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