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You want to send a parcel, but have little to no time to wait at home for someone to collect it from you, and don’t want to go out of your way to post it at a facility? In such case you can search for UPS Drop Off location. Usually they are conveniently located in both business and residential areas, with local businesses offering you to post your package on the go. You can register your parcel online, pay the delivery cost, print your bill and other necessary documents at any time, than simply leave your item at one of the secure UPS drop off sites for it to be collected at determined time by company’s employees. It’s as easy as posting could possibly get and does not require much time.

Where can I drop off a UPS package?

First of all, it needs to be mentioned that currently the location network grew significantly across the US and Europe. Thousands of access points offer safe posting of pre-paid parcels at convenient time. Still the question where can I drop off a UPS package is one of the most regularly asked. In case you’ve never visited any such location before and have little to no idea on how the whole thing is done, don’t worry. It can be done in three steps:

    • You register your parcel at carrier’s website, filling in all the required info, and then print the label;
    • You find UPS drop off facility located closest to you using the very same website;
    • You visit the point during the next couple of days to leave the package in a locker or with an employee.

How does one find local UPS drop off point?

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where can i drop off a ups package

That can be done effortlessly if, of course, you have access to carrier’s website. You visit their page and choose your country or region. After entering your ZIP code or street name you see the list of local UPS drop off offices you can visit. Do not forget to confirm the schedule and business hours for particular location to plan your visits accordingly. Some of them work with regular hours, some provide evening services, and hours can also depend on federal holidays. In case you need to urgently post a time-sensitive item, it’s possible to find UPS Saturday drop off location. In short, you should try visiting company’s website to find out about the best possibilities you can make use of to send each particular parcel.

Is there 24 hour UPS drop off?

There certainly is such an option, though not all locations can offer it. In case it’s only convenient for you to post your item late in the night, or at least, long after regular business hours are over, you can search for the nearest 24 hour UPS drop off box. It’s a safe location where you can leave your parcel for collection at a locker. You can choose a 24 hour facility when registering your item for delivery online. You can post your item to be delivered from a facility to address, or from facility to facility, which would cost somewhat less. Both options are available when posting at UPS overnight drop off location. Also, both domestic and international parcels can be posted in such manner, though the terms and list of required documents will be different for the two.

UPS package drop off rules and regulations

Of course, much like every type of service, this one also has some rules to follow and requirements to fit. First of all, the maximum weight of the parcel should not exceed 20 kilograms. UPS package drop off is available for parcels that measure up to 80 cm in length. The allowed total size and declared value of the parcel you can post this way are also limited and different for each country the service is available in. If you send an international parcel, a commercial invoice for the item must be included to pass the customs formalities.

And of course, even if you choose to send your parcel via UPS drop off tracking will be available for the package during the whole delivery process. Your item will be assigned with an id number you can use to check on your package at company’s official website or third-party sites, such as We offer you fast and accurate tracking of all your parcels without registration. And we are sure that if you chose UPS drop off as a less-time-consuming way to manage your packages, our site might be the best option for your tracking.

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