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If you ever found yourself tired of waiting all day at home for a parcel delivery or it is hard for you to be available at time of delivery because of your working schedule, then UPS access point initiative might be the right solution for you. Conveniently located around the cities, they provide you an opportunity to manage your deliveries after regular hours and on the weekends in order to make your experience with the company more pleasurable and comfortable. You can start using this service by finding out more info about access point UPS provided at their official website, or find answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

What is a UPS access point?

what is a ups access point

local ups access point

That’s the first and most important question to ask in order to understand the whole idea behind this service. Access point is a safe location, created by the company’s partnership with some local businesses, where your parcel can be delivered at for further collection.

What is a UPS access point most distinct advantage, compared to your regular delivery procedure? Most definitely it is your ability to actually choose the time and date you’re comfortable with. Regular delivery usually requires you being at home and available during a long period of time, whilst with your parcel being delivered to a local UPS access point , you can simply go to pick up your package on your way home from work, or when you go for a walk, any time you’re comfortable with.

How to find UPS access point?

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If you’re not yet familiar with the points in your area and are currently trying to find one, it can be done easily. All you need is a device with internet connection. In order to find UPS access point near you, visit company’s official website and use the store locator. You’ll have to enter your address or at least the name of the city manually, and choose access points among other types of facilities to narrow the search. Afterwards when ordering your parcel to be delivered to a pickup point rather than your home address, you can set your nearest UPS access point location as a preference, or redirect each parcel to different location. In case you need any additional info about the service or access points, you can contact customer support line to ask for further information.

What are UPS access point hours?

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One of the best things about this service is that it does work late hours and weekends, though for different locations working schedule might not be the same. If you’re looking for your local UPS access point hours you can go to the company’s website, find the point you want to visit with the office locator and get the basic information about its working hours on different days of the week.

It might be useful to check the hours for a specific location before planning your visit, as at times they might be modified because of various reasons like public holidays for example. Also before taking a trip to UPS access point tracking your package to see if it is available for collection is also a must. Sometimes when you were not available at time of delivery, your parcel might be redirected for hold at local access point. Your tracking info would indicate that.

Got any UPS access point complaints?

Your parcel was damaged? Lost? Were you upset by the service provided by your local facility? In case of any problems with UPS access point complaints can be filed at any time in order to change the situation. You can contact company’s customer support online at carrier’s website, e-mail them or call the contact center to let them know about your problem. They’ll try to help you solve it in the shortest time possible.

Even though the initiative to create such cooperation between the carrier and local businesses to make your experience with the company more convenient was introduced not that long ago, thousands of people across the world can now visit UPS access point in their country to save time and manage mail at their own pace.

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