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the ups store

As one of the biggest and most trusted postal companies, this one of course would not be able to operate without a kind of facility that provides customer services: the UPS store. Scattered across the country they can be found practically in every city in every state, so that the customers would be able to enjoy all the privileges this carrier can offer. The stores provide various services: you can send or pick up your mail, purchase postal products, ask for assistance with your delivery, even use UPS Store notary services or order your passport. All of the abovementioned activities can be performed in there with the help of qualified employees.

How do I find my local UPS Store?

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If you’ve decided to try using the store as a customer or a business client, in case you’re the small business owner who would like to benefit from the products and services the company offers, you can always find your local UPS Store at company’s official website and pay them a visit some time. They are open on all the business days, except for some federal holidays, and are ready to serve you in the most efficient and prompt way to meet all the needs, no matter if you’re using their services for business or private matters. As for the opening hours, unfortunately, you will not be able to find any 24 hour UPS Store, as most locations work regular hours. You can get business schedule for your local store at company’s website or directly from the store.

Failed to find UPS Store?

You tried to look for one at the abovementioned website, but to no avail? You also have never spotted one in your neighborhood before so now you’re at a loss of what to do? Do not worry, as if you fail to find UPS Store online, you can always call customer support line on 1 (800) 789-4623 and ask for assistance. Mind that this number is for issues related to the Store only, not for the ones concerning the carrier in general and their products.

What does UPS shipping Store offer?

If you’re looking for an international, domestic or freight delivery, you’ll be definitely right to come to these guys. For domestic deliveries UPS shipping Store provides a wide range of options that differ in price and velocity: from next day air services to ground deliveries of small packets, documents, freight. As for international mail, the Store can offer you deliveries of different urgency and different size packages with different international air and ground carriers. We are not mistaken, when you see the UPS Store logo on your parcel it does not necessarily mean that your mail will be shipped with the company under the same name, it can be trusted to other carrier depending on the time-sensitivity, size and destination.

How to ship to UPS Store?

There’re two ways to arrange your delivery to the Store. First of all, you can get a private or corporate mailbox at your local store and let them arrange your mail sent with any carrier. Or the sender can ship to UPS Store and they will hold your parcel for you if it was sent with postal united. Getting yourself a mailbox is a safe and efficient way to manage your mail in case you use postal services often and need assistance with it, whereas shipping your item for the Store to hold is a convenient way to arrange a one-time UPS Store pickup for your valuable parcels that cannot be left unattended at your porch, when you have no time to wait for delivery at home.

Is UPS Store tracking available for my parcel?

If you choose to send your parcel or freight at the store, you can always be sure that keeping an eye on your delivery will be an option. When your parcel is dispatched at UPS Store tracking identification number will be assigned to it. You can use this id number to check on your delivery process online either at carrier’s official website, or at third-party sites such as the one you’re currently at. You just type your number into the required field, press ‘enter’, and wait for the results to be displayed. And not only tracking, your whole experience with the UPS Store will be equally enjoyable and effortless.

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