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Delivering a parcel or cargo safe and sound is the key mission of TNT Australia Company. Day by day, it delivers and sends cargo, letters, and parcels to any part of the country and the world. The company has proven to be a reliable postal operator dealing with cargo delivery. It is not surprising that the major part of citizens contacts its offices all over the country.

The delivery service is client-focused: TNT operators keep in touch with the customer and the sending company until the parcel or cargo has been delivered to the destination point. This became possible due to high-quality service, as well as a special Door-to-Door service. You can find out your shipment location by using the parcel tracking option. All you need to do for that is to enter the track number on the company’s website, and you will see where the cargo is located.

  • Delivery safety by TNT Australia

    Every client can be confident in TNT delivery safety. All the postal items are securely packed, thus eliminating the risk of receiving a damaged or an opened parcel.

    The cargo is protected by federal laws. In the case of an error, the client can count on investigation on the part of the delivery company, as well as a special Postal Inspection Service. If you need to send precious or dear items, you can be sure that TNT Australia will deliver the parcel safe and sound.

  • How TNT Logistics operate

    Are you in need of urgent cargo delivery? The company will ship your item immediately. Even if you need the parcel to be delivered “yesterday”, you can be sure that the delivery service will go above and beyond to do it.

    The main advantage of TNT Logistics is the streamlined transportation between cities and countries, even if you have never sent anything to a particular state. The delivery service will clear any obstacles, whether it is a border or a long distance. Every employee of the company works to the client’s benefit.

  • Advantages of TNT Company

    tnt logistics

    tnt company

    The delivery service’s main advantage is sending and receiving cargo adjusted for international time. Even if there is a substantial time lag, the client will receive the parcel within the specified time period.

    If you need to send a parcel quickly, use express delivery service by TNT Company. It includes transportation of:

    • items door to door;
    • cargo early in the morning;
    • parcels to anywhere in the world;
    • tracking a shipment location using a special service and a track number.

    TNT delivery service will deliver your parcel to anywhere in the world, regardless of its weight, shape, and size.

TNT Australia rating
TNT Australia
over 245 votes

TNT Australia review by Nic


Forget about it, use Australia Post! Package posted from QLD to VIC. It went via Sydney, Christchurch, back to Sydney and then Brisbane before getting to Melbourne. Absolutely hopeless!

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TNT Australia review by Isaac


Never had a problem with TNT always on time and always delivered my parcels with no problem

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TNT Australia review by Mark


I found TNT to be great, fast delivery from interstate and friendly customer service when I phoned to enquire about the delivery date. I'd definitely recommend them. Thanks so much TNT, keep up the good work A+

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TNT Australia review by Jose


I have been waiting for my parcel from adelaide and it has arrived in perth and they told me they dont know where the driver is if they are acting like they are not knowing where the driver is it is a rubbish company i dont deal with tnt anymore.

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TNT Australia review by John Mccann


Been over week and still no parcel

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TNT Australia review by Phil


Very disappointing no service just rubbish very slow never again

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