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JNE (Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir) is a delivery company that specializes on international delivery and provides logistics and supply chain services for both individual and corporate clients. The Indonesian company sends parcels all around the world and handles express packages with maximum care.

  • About JNE YES service

    This is an express shipping option which allows customers to have packages delivered on the next day any time (including Sunday and national holidays). JNE YES service has the following conditions:
    • Shortest delivery time possible. Indonesian customers can have their parcels delivered right on the next day, not later than 23:59 by local time.
    • Money-back guarantee if the parcel has not been delivered on time, and the delay was caused by JNE company.
    • The service is available in particular towns and regions only (the list is available on the website).
    • The delivery status can be tracked on the official JNE website with the help of special tracking number provided in the invoice.

    Please, note that this is a local service – such delivery is not available abroad.

  • JNE Cargo

    jne cargo

    paket yes jne

    Aside from sending small packages and letters, the postal company works with corporate clients and provides comprehensive business solutions including cargo shipment. Air freight services for both local and international delivery are available, and local delivery of bulky items is performed with the help of trucks. By ordering JNE cargo service, customers can transport dangerous or fragile goods and bulky items for any distance. Custom brokerage is available, as well. The delivery of cargo 100 kg - 150 kg is worth IDR 700.000, while the fee for heavier loads is calculated specifically.

  • Other JNE services

    Partnering with over 5,000 international networks, JNE offers delivery to any point in the world. Also, there is a large variety of options for corporate and individual customers. For example, JNE services include:

    • Indonesian cuisine and snacks order;
    • Online booking;
    • Pop Box (storage for 3 days in JNE office);
    • Money remittance;
    • Diplomat solutions (delivery of highly-valued goods and documents);
    • Super Speed (SS) delivery;
    • Hand Carry and Next Flight Out;
    • International airfreight agent service;
    • And so much more.

    Also, My JNE Application can be installed on Android smartphones to track and manage JNE delivery and work with related documents and invoices.

JNE rating
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JNE review by Yuda Pratama


Very Bad service

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JNE review by Yolanda


Super bad services

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JNE review by Mev


It was shipped overnight but I'm still waiting for my parcel! Bays of bad service you will never use again! I'm already sending it overnight because it's URGENT! BAD BAD BAD SERVICE !!!

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JNE review by Pedro


I am still waiting for my package was supposed to arrive yesterday after today at 8 after 9:25 at 9:33 and nothing to be horrified if it takes so long when I pay for two-day delivery I can't imagine what it takes regularly if I paid extra shipping was to receive my package on time and not be with this stress

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JNE review by Heather


Poor Service - parcels are always delayed and come in bad condition

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JNE review by Miguel


Very unreliable carrier - i've never seen such a mess before!

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