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As it is with any other company, when using any of the services provided by India Post complaints can be and are regularly made by customers. The company makes a great effort to register, analyze all the complaints and use them to improve the level of services provided. In case you are not satisfied with the speed of your delivery, prices or anything else, you can make a complaint to customer support and help the company get better.

Where can I lodge Indian Speed Post complaint?

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In case your problem is related to tracking your parcel, for example, the results are not loading, the site is malfunctioning, you can lodge Indian Speed Post complaint in the comment section of the website or by using Contact Us form. In case your problem is with the delivery process, including your tracking status not being updated regularly, you should contact the carrier company by calling customer support line or visiting your local post office. In any local office of Indian Post speed post complaint can be filed by filling in a proper complaint form. Your claim will be assigned with a number and you’ll get an answer from the company about actions taken and results achieved.

Speed Post tracking complaint registration

If you have filed a claim concerning your parcel and are currently waiting for results of investigation carried out by Speed Post tracking complaint registration might be exactly what you need. Unfortunately, there is no way to track the status of your claim online, but you can call customer support number to find out all the available information.

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