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One of the major postal organizations, Fed Ex shipping organization guarantees impeccable client experience, and probably the best thing about it is the easy Fedex tracking service. There's the entire range of instruments that provide the information about shipping process.

fedex tracking

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  • About Fed Ex tracking

    fedex tracking with number

    fedex package tracking

    In order to define the current shipping status of your parcel, you don’t have to visit a Fedex office nearby – the process is way easier than you expect. When you open the official FedEx site, you can proceed to the Fed Ex tracking section. No signing in is required: each site guest can discover the parcel using only the tracking number.

    Here’s how to track a parcel.

    • Paste the shipment ID in the corresponding field and press Track (up to 35 numbers tracking can be utilized at once).
    • Get the data about the current FedEx shipping status, including package area, conveyance date and pickup office, potential delivery postponements, etc. Fedex tracking by number provides all this data without authorization on the website.
    • Need more information? Want to manage the delivery? If you're signed in, you can change the transportation details (for example, the pickup point) until the package leaves the sorting center.

    Some third-party sites also allow searching for Fedex parcels with the help of the tracking number.

  • Where to get Fedex tracking number?

    fed ex tracking number

    fedex shipment tracking

    Fedex tracking number can be found in:

    • Confirmation emails sent after order approval;
    • User’s personal cabinet on Fedex website;
    • Shipping-related documents;
    • Automatically generated labels.

    If you cannot find the tracking number, feel free to visit a Fedex office and ask assistants to help you.

  • Another method of tracking Fedex parcels

    Tracking Fedex parcels on the go is also possible. Just install Fedex application on your smartphone: it is available for both iOS and Android devices. The application provides the full access to the personal profile, as well as shipping-related information. You can change the pickup office, discover the parcel location without using a Fedex tracking number or set up push notifications on your smartphone to keep tabs on delivery in real time. Note that internet connection is required!

    Alternatively, you can set up email notifications in your personal cabinet and receive updates in real time on your PC or smartphone. Thus, Fedex makes the tracking process simple, quick, and intuitive as never before. With the service of Fedex tracking with number, you will never miss a parcel.

Fedex Tracking rating
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FedEx review by Forvia


Not satisfied at all, difficult communication and poor service. Fedex portal to track the parcel is out of order, not updated as it should be. One star for just existing. not going to recommend Fedex to anyone.

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FedEx review by Charlie Snow


8 days so far from Texas to Colorado. No updates since 06/23/22. Lousy.

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FedEx review by Cathy Ptak


274614288427 This order says delivered but it wasnt

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FedEx review by Norman Smith


No way to get notifications on their site, just another way to say don’t bother us

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FedEx review by Katherine Reed Eason


I don't have enough time to list all the discrepancies you guys have

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FedEx review by Michele Garr


I receive packages multiple times a week and can only guess I had a substitute driver because he claimed the property was inaccessible since the north side of the street was closed and he would have had to go to the south side of the street to deliver my package. Since it was from work and I wasn't expecting it by the time I could get to the store they delivered it to it was already shipped back. Worst worst customer service ever trying to deal with this!

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