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kinkos printing

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Need to print some documents, brochures, posters, etc? Or you search for high-quality photo & canvas printing? No matter what kind of production you work with, Kinkos printing is the best solution. Provided by Fedex in a myriad of the official stores, this service has become highly demanded among customers. Let’s find out what exactly Kinkos printing is, and where you can order it.

What is Fedex Kinkos printing?

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Typically, we have to visit a photo salon or buy a colored printer, which is quite expensive. Businesses have to work with printing facilities. Fedex Kinkos printing replaces them both! It’s a great option for both private and corporate customers!

This is a special service by Fedex: it’s provided in all Fedex stores that feature printing equipment (you will recognize them by Kinkos printing sign): usual and colored printers, computer with graphic editing software, and so on.

The list of Kinkos printing services is a mile long. In this office, you can do the following:

  • Solutions for small businesses: printing of posters, business cards, announcements, banners, and so on;
  • Corporate top-notch solutions: printed production in any volumes;
  • In-store consultation from Fedex members;
  • DIY design solutions: you can customize templates to produce your own printed materials;
  • Production of personal materials (Kinkos photo printing, posters, canvas pictures, invitations) is available both in offices and online.

No matter what kind of paper production you need to make, Fedex allows you to create anything starting from flyers and business cards and finishing by posters and canvas prints.

Where to find Kinkos printing near me?


There are over 1,800 Kinkos offices around the USA – how to find the one near you? Don’t rush to google for ‘Kinkos printing near me’ – locate it via the official website! Here’s what you need to do:

  • Open Fedex official website ;
  • Proceed to ‘Locations’ section (in the upper menu),
  • In ‘I want to...’ section, choose ‘More’ and tick the ‘Copy and print service’ box;
  • Enter your ZIP code or exact address and press Find.

On the map you will see the location of the nearest available offices.

A few words on Kinkos printing cost


One of the main reasons why customers prefer working with Fedex is the adequate Kinkos printing cost. How to find the exact prices?

Let’s check out their rate:

  • For one black-and-white copy, Kinkos charges $0.08 per side. So copying of 300 pages on standard white bond paper will cost you $24.00 plus tax. Double-sided printing will be twice more expensive.
  • Colored copies cost $0.89 per side, so copying of 300 pages on standard single sided paper will cost you $267.00 without tax.
  • For Kinkos poster printing, you will be charged $7.25-$12 per square foot.
  • Printing of 1,000 5″x 8.5″ will be worth around $65.00.

As a rule, double-sided printing is twice as expensive as one-sided.

In order to find out the exact cost of services you need, you should visit Fedex website and use your personal account to form an order. Kinkos printing prices are calculated once you specify all the details (type of printing, paper, size, quantity, and so on).

In your Fedex account, you can specify everything and order printing online paying by card. When your printed production is ready, you can pick it up in the nearest Kinkos location. It’s simple!

Thanks to Kinkos printing, you have a one-fits-all solution for both personal printing and business orders. Feel free to design and order any kind of printed production – Fedex Kinkos offices provide unlimited opportunities for their customers.