Kinkos near me

kinkos near me

24 hour kinkos near me

If you need help with packaging parcels or printing, google “Kinkos near me” – this is the fastest and easiest way to get services. Read where you can find such stores, and which services they provide for customers.

Unlike UPS that has offices opened by the franchise, Fedex runs the proprietary stores only, and its Kinkos service is available since 2004. So, what is it? Fedex Kinkos is an American retail chain that’s presented by outlets in FedEx Express and FedEx Ground (counting Home Delivery). If you need to print out documents, google for ‘Kinkos copies near me’ – these stores focus on shipping, printing, copying and other related services.

FedEx dropped the Kinkos name in 2008, and now this format of stores is called FedEx office, but the original name stays in mainstream reference and Google keeps on indexing this term.

Which services are provided in Fedex Kinkos near me?

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So, what kind of services do customers need when searching for ‘Fedex Kinkos near me’? In fact, those are versatile locations that provide a myriad of options.

Together with the customary copying and printing services, all stores likewise give various self-service options

  • Colored and monochrome printing;
  • Fax machines;
  • Lamination;
  • Digital photograph printer stands;
  • A few PC rentals, of which one generally has a picture scanner and some image design software introduced.

If you don’t have a PC, find ‘the nearest Kinkos near me’ and visit the office. The PCs accessible for rental are connected with at least one color and one monochrome laser printer. Some new stores have just a color printer however charge less for monochrome printing. Most areas additionally have a couple of tables for visitors to use their laptops, complimenting it with a Wi-Fi connection. The stores additionally offer a decent choice of office supplies and business books for retail sale.

Are there 24 hour Kinkos near me?

fedex kinkos near me now

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‘Are there 24 hour Kinkos near me?’ – people ask. Yes, some offices work 24/7, and business hours vary from one store to another. For example, some stores in Walmart are open all day and night. Before you visit some store, find out how it works: contact them by phone, or ask the assistance from customer support. Additionally, you can find some exact Fedex Office on the official website and check their business hours, as well as customer feedback.

Are there open Kinkos near me now?

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If you need to express printing or copying services, you should find out the ‘open Kinkos near me now’. In this case, you don’t have to stroll through many websites and maps. On Fedex official website, you can easily find a suitable close-by location. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the official Fedex website.
  • Select ‘Locations’ service from the upper menu.
  • Click ‘FIND A LOCATION’ to discover ‘Kinkos office near me’.
  • You will proceed to the search page. Find ‘More’ section among the filters. There, you should choose ’24 hour services’.
  • Now, you need to specify your location (exact address or at least ZIP code).

During the business hours (from 9 AM to 6 PM), you can expect all Fedex Offices to be open.

How else to search for 24 hour Fedex Kinkos near me?

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‘How else to search for 24 hour Fedex Kinkos near me?’ – you’d ask. We suggest two ways that would be more time-consuming, but still efficient.

  • You can use the official carrier’s website. They will show you the nearest kinkos and their business hours. You will be surprised to find out how many Fedex Offices are around you. 24/7 offices are pretty widespread, too.
  • Contact Fedex customer support by phone at 1 800 463 33 39 and ask them about ‘Kinkos near me 24 hours schedule’. Such client support service is available 24/7, so you are likely to get the reply in a timely manner. Note that you should submit personal information to get the answer (your address).

If you need some more services, for instance, to receive a parcel or send an express parcel, searching for ‘Kinkos near me’ is not the best option. These locations have restricted functionality, and don’t provide all types of shipping services like regular Fedex stores do. Kinkos are not designed to store customers’ parcels, so if you need to receive a package, it might be waiting for you in a different location.

No matter when you need to express printing or copying services, Fedex Office is here for you. This branch of Fedex is presented by 1900 locations all over the USA, so you will surely have one open office nearby available. There, you can drop a labeled package, design your printed production, print out and copy documents, buy office supplies or packaging supplies, and so much more! Caring about its customers, Fedex keeps many of its Kinkos open 24/7. What can be more convenient?