How many of you still remember what the word Kinkos actually means? Minding that even your smartphone does probably not recognize this as a legit word. But even though the name was actually dropped some ten years ago, the Google remembers, and still accepts it as a search request for those who still use this name to address the facilities we all know and some of us frequent. FedEx office Kinkos – these three words might drop a hint for those of you, who were looking for the meaning under this name.

What exactly is FedEx Kinkos?

In short, it’s a type of company’s facility, providing direct services to customers. Not only do they help you with managing your deliveries, but also you can use their printing services for different types of documents. With FedEx Kinkos you can pack, send, track and receive your parcels, as well as print documents, presentations, flyers, banners and lots of other staff of your choice. The employees can assist you imply the right packaging to all of your fragile or valuable goods, choose the best option to send you parcel in the fastest and most cost-effective way. Whilst with Kinkos copies and printing services you can order to create and print any kinds of materials for different personal and business events for an affordable price.

Where is my nearest FedEx Kinkos?

In case you’ve never spotted your local office strolling around the neighborhood, and are looking for one closest to you, there’s a place you can go to get the address. To search for the nearest FedEx Kinkos visit company’s official website and enter your ZIP-code to narrow your search. As there are thousands of company’s locations all across the country, you most certainly will find one conveniently close to your home or office. Much like any other third-party sites, we do not provide Kinkos store locator here, just recommend you using one at the official website. But in case you’ve sent a parcel with them, you can easily track it at to make sure delivery is progressing smoothly.

Are there 24 hr Kinkos offices?

Company’s offices are usually open at regular hours. You can always find the working hours for your office as well as the holiday schedule at their website to plan your visits accordingly. But there are some 24 hr Kinkos locations you can visit if you need an urgent delivery or printing services. So in case you forgot to print your presentation for tomorrow meeting, need an extra batch of flyers by the next morning, or have a time-sensitive parcel to be delivered as soon as possible, you can find and visit those offices and get the usual services any time of day or night. So don’t ask what is Kinkos doing at nighttime, just visit the nearest 24 hour office and find out yourself.

Are Kinkos prices high?

No matter which type of service or product you want to get at the office, you can always be sure to get it of the good quality and at competitive price. The cost of deliveries of both international and domestic parcels is on par with other carriers. As for Kinkos business cards, documents, flyers and banners printing, not only do they offer moderate prices, but you can also benefit from various sales and coupon offers. If you want to find out more about the cost of the service you require, contact your local office and consult with employees. They are sure to guide you to the most advantageous options.

And of course, if you’ve sent a parcel at Kinkos or your item will be delivered for a pickup to one, you can always track a parcel at to always stay informed of the latest events with your delivery.