Fedex Store near me

fedex store near me

federal express store near me

Need to get or send a package and search for “Fedex store near me”? Fortunately, Fedex is one of the greatest postal organizations in the US and runs thousands of offices throughout the country. Regardless of in which state or city you live, you are probably going to have a Fedex office nearby. The postal company runs its own offices as well as drop off boxes in supermarkets (Walgreens and Walmart) and also partners with other postal services.

How to find Fedex shipping store near me?

fedex drop off store near me

fedex office store near me

You can easily discover a ‘Fedex shipping store near me’ without leaving your house or surfing the net. Here’s what you should do:

  • Open the official Fedex website.
  • Look at the ‘Find FedEx Locations section’ – it’s on the top of the page.
  • Enter your city or ZIP code, or the exact address and press Enter.
  • You will see the map of your neighborhood with the nearest Fedex stores shown.

During the search process, you can specify the type of location, for instance, find ‘Fedex print store near me’ or search for drop off locations and regular offices. Mind that every type of location might have its own schedule – check it before visiting Fedex.

About Fedex drop off store near me


If you have a prelabeled and packed parcel, you can leave it in the nearest drop off location – there’s no need to visit a Fedex official store. Wonder where to find “Fedex drop off store near me”? You can use the above-mentioned way of searching for the nearest Fedex locations. Also, mind that drop off boxes are often located in partners’ stores, such as Walmart and Walgreens. There’s a huge amount of Fedex drop off boxes on the street, as well.

You can drop a package in any FedEx Ship Center. It allows you to dispatch mail delivered by services FedEx Ground and FedEx Express, including packages with hazardous. There, you can drop off FedEx Ground packages in ‘Fedex store near me’ or ask them to hold your express shipments for pickup. Plus, you have an opportunity to get express shipments.

Where to find federal express store near me?


Fedex partners with a huge number of postal services from all over the US, so you can order express delivery in any of its offices, or in the locations of its partners. “Where to find a Federal Express store near me?” – many customers ask. You can visit official Fedex website and use the location search tool: specify Fedex Authorized locations – all of them allow customers to send express parcels.

Alternatively, you can use a Fedex drop box to save your time and have the parcel dispatched earlier. Fedex partners may also perform express shipping.

Which services provided in closest Fedex store near me?

In Fedex stores, clients may not only use transportation services and send their bundles locally and globally. Aside from that, official workplaces offer:

  • A store with packaging supplies;
  • Packing assistance: your bundle will be wrapped and packed for utmost security;
  • Printing services (customers can create their own printed production, including business cards, calendars, posters, brochures, and so on),
  • Professional help and help with tracking, documents, Fedex postal invoices, etc.

Check out Fedex office store near me, and enjoy a large variety of services. Don’t forget that some Fedex locations run stores with office and packaging supplies, so you have all the necessary stuff at your fingertips.

Before you visit any of Fedex locations, make sure that they are open and running – every Fedex store might have its own schedule. Check out whether ‘Fedex store near me now is open’: the working hours are specified on the Fedex website (use the Locator tool to check the information).