FedEx schedule pickup

fedex schedule pickup

fedex express schedule pickup

Don’t have the opportunity to get the parcel once it was delivered? With Fedex, you can receive a shipment whenever it’s convenient for you! Fedex schedule pickup is one of the most useful features provided by the company. How it works, and how to make an appointment? This guide is here to explain everything in detail.

How to schedule a Fedex pickup?

If you want to postpone receiving of a parcel and specify the date when you can take it, you can do it in your personal account on Fedex website. How to schedule a Fedex pickup? Here’s what should be done:

  • Create your account on Fedex website.
  • Create shipping labels.
  • Complete your pickup request.

In fact, there are several great pickup services. One of them is one-time shipment pickup: if you arrange it, a courier will deliver the parcel right to your location. This type of pickup is created with or without a label. Regardless of the type of service used and contents of the parcel, you can always schedule a Fedex pickup online via official website.

If you’re using Fedex services on a constant basis, opt for recurring Fedex pickup. In this case, the time and dates of the pickup will be automatically chosen by the system.

Fedex express schedule pickup

fedex schedule a pickup phone number

call fedex to schedule a pickup

Need to get a parcel as soon as possible? Fedex allows customers to choose the convenient business hours to visit the office. There’s Fedex express schedule pickup option available for reserving online. For example, you can appoint a pickup on Saturday (it costs $16), or choose any convenient time during business hours.

You can manage the pickup hours and visits in your personal account on Fedex website (both ground and freight packages can be received with this service). Users also can download and fill up the online form for returns.

How to organize a pickup? Call Fedex schedule a pickup phone number 1-800-463-3339 and say “schedule a pickup”. You can talk to your Fedex account representative and make sure you qualify for the service.

For your convenience, Fedex also offers drop-off boxes, if you need to send a parcel as soon as possible. Besides, every office sells package supplies. When you send a parcel, you also can specify the pickup time for the receiver.

All in all, Fedex schedule pickup is a highly convenient service for those who don’t have time to receive their parcel immediately. Whenever you want the company to keep the delivery until you’re ready to take it, Fedex is ready to help!