Fedex phone number

fedex phone number

fedex telephone number

Although each office has its own Fedex phone number (USA format), you can contact the hotline: just dial 1-800-463-3339. This is the general number with customer support available 24/7.

Have some issues with shipping and questions concerning postal services? Having Fedex phone number at hand, you will be able to solve your problems quickly. Being a leader in the US postal industry, Fedex offers exceptional customer support and strives to help its customers in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Let’s find out how exactly they assist the clients.

Where do I get Fedex telephone number?

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Fedex telephone number can be obtained from many sources.

First, you can see it on any shipping-related document, be that order confirmation, invoice, and so on. Secondly, the phone number is provided on the Fedex website – you can find it in Contacts or Customer support sections. You can also find the number in email letters.

You can reach the Fedex support by dealing 1-800-463-3339.

Is Fedex toll free number available?

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In fact, all official Fedex local numbers are free, so you can use your cell phone or home phone to contact the company. Where to get Fedex toll free number? Visit the Fedex website and find the ‘Contact Us’ section . You will see the list of regions.

Open the section with your region, and you will see the list of corresponding phone numbers. Note that different numbers are used for different inquiries, for instance, there are separate phone numbers for International Customer Service, U.S. Billing Inquiries, Cargo Claims Inquiries, FedEx Express Freight Services, and so on. Special Fedex phone number for people with hearing impairment also exists.

Can I get assistance without Fedex phone

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If you don’t have the phone number at hand, or calling isn’t an option at the moment, you are free to contact Fedex customer support other ways. Those include:

  • Official Fedex email.
  • Virtual assistant on the Fedex website (replaces live chat).
  • Facebook Messenger (questions answered by a bot).

Even without Fedex phone, you are can get timely help by entering the official website

You should remember that customer support in the USA is available in the English language only. To communicate with assistants on your native language, choose the corresponding customer support email address – they are also provided in the online list of local client support numbers. All regions are covered, and all major languages are supported.

Fedex near me phone number – how to find it?

Searching for “Fedex near me a phone number”? You can find it by either contacting the main customer support number and asking them to connect you to a specific office or by finding the number online. For instance, you can attempt searching for a Fedex office via Yelp website – it might provide their number. Alternatively, the number will be specified in Google Maps or similar apps.

What about Fedex international phone number? The international customer service is available by number 1.800.247.4747. No matter which country you are from, you can call this number and get redirected to the necessary line. Write down this number – one day, it can be useful, no matter what kind of issue or service you want to discuss.

Having a phone number to Fedex, you will be able to solve all issues and problems in a timely manner, no matter which region you are from. Professional assistants will do their best to help you with delivery management, documents, tracking, and other things. Even if calling Fedex is not an option for you, feel free to visit the official Fedex website and contact the team via email or online chat. It’s simple and efficient.