FedEx Home Delivery

fedex home delivery

what is fedex home delivery

With online shopping most of us expect goods to arrive right at our doorways without having to leave our homes and travel anywhere. With FedEx home delivery you can get that for an affordable price. There is no need to make a trip to the postal office to retrieve your parcel, waiting in lines or trying to figure out which location exactly was your package sent to for collection.

You can simply wait in the comfort of your home for the delivery courier to bring your mail and hand it over to you; that is if you ordered Federal Express home delivery, of course. You can choose from a range of home delivery services that allow customers to set preferable delivery time, order Saturday delivery or date and time certain visit from the courier.

What is FedEx home delivery biggest advantage?

Apart from the fact that it provides us with the ability not to spend any unnecessarily long times trying to pick up our parcels at hold-at locations, it eliminates the need to transport any hefty or bulky packages from carrier’s office to your place, risking to damage it in the process.

What is FedEx home delivery disadvantage though? Probably just the need to stay home awaiting your delivery, since sometimes timewise the delivery window is quite ambiguous, for example ‘by end of the day’. But by choosing evening or appointment home delivery options, you can choose the time your delivery will be provided.

If we are talking about regular home deliveries to residential areas, FedEx home delivery time is from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 8 pm, for evening deliveries - from 5 pm to 8 pm. If your delivery does not require a signature, it can be left by the courier with your neighbors or at a safe location around your house.

How long does FedEx home delivery take?

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For regular home delivery service is around 1-7 business days. Want to find out how long does FedEx home delivery take more accurately? The estimated time your parcel would take to travel the distance can be calculated at Fedex website.

For certain parcels, you can also order one-, two- and three-days delivery if the mail is urgent and the distance between the origin address and destination point can be covered on the ground in time to provide FedEx home delivery according to the ordered timeframe.