Fedex drop off locations

fedex drop off locations

federal express drop off locations

Need to send a bundle right away? It's possible in Fedex drop off locations. This service for package delivery is available on a constant basis. Where to discover the closest box and how to utilize the service? In this article, you will get all basic data about drop off boxes from Fedex: which sorts of packages are accepted, how to discover them, and a few recommendations for clients.

Fedex drop off locations near me

fedex package drop off locations

fedex smartpost drop off locations

Where to find the closest Fedex drop off locations near me? You can easily discover a box nearby without googling it. Here's the most effortless approach to do it:

  • Open the official Fedex site.
  • Proceed to 'Locations'.
  • Specify your location (you can type your ZIP or full address).
  • Narrow the choice by picking "Drop labeled package".
  • Press 'Find' and look at the map.

If you have no access to the Internet, you can find the closest local Fedex drop off locations by calling Fedex customer support during the business hours.

Since there are thousands of drop-off boxes around the USA, finding the one won’t have to be a problem for you.

Why use Fedex package drop off locations?

In the event that you have a prelabeled and packed parcel, you don’t have to visit Fedex stores during the business hours. Leave it in one of Fedex package drop off locations - there's no compelling reason to spend your time and visit offices.

Drop boxes can be found on the street or Fedex partners’ locations. For example, you can find it the grocery stores. There are a huge number of areas around the US, so you can without a doubt find one close-by!

Using Fedex overnight drop off locations is convenient: you don’t have to check the schedule of Fedex offices. You should simply label and pack your parcel and leave it in the box – the rest will be done by Fedex company!

Please, note that for some certain parcels, specific drop-off locations should be used. For example, if you use the Smartpost service, make sure you are going to use Fedex Smartpost drop off locations.

Parcels accepted in Federal Express drop off locations

Before you decide to use the service, you need to make sure your parcel complies with all rules and requirements. Here are a couple of rules:

  • You are permitted to send packs for both local and international addresses. FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx SmartPost services are supported.
  • In Federal Express drop off locations, You can purchase packaging supplies – no need to visit other shops. Label and pack your parcel right in on the place.
  • Maximum measurements of a drop off the pack are 20" x 12" x 6".
  • Approved hazardous products can be transported, also.
  • You are allowed to utilize Drop boxes for returns.

There is one important thing you should remember: before using Fedex drop off locations, ensure that your bundle is labeled and packed appropriately! If not, it won't be received for further handling.

You can make a label on Fedex site by proceeding to this page. Note that you should provide some individual data: name, address, telephone, email, and destination. There, you can likewise pay for the chosen service. When the label is printed out and put on the package, you can put your parcel in Fedex drop off box locations.

Note that the pick-up time for each box might be different. You can specify the pickup time by using the aforementioned method of location finding. Detect the box you’re going to use, click on it and check when parcels are picked up.

With Fedex drop off locations, you don’t have to visit the closest offices – they are available on a 24/7 basis. Label your package and feel free to leave whenever it’s convenient for you!