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If you’ve ever experienced feeling discomfort when having to deal with real people in order to send a parcel, or in case there’s no time for you to waste on waiting a courier collecting your item for delivery, you might find FedEx Drop Off service a pure miracle. Being able to post a package at any convenient time at any of the nearby facilities of your choice without any need for a real person-to-person communication can actually be a bless. So in case you ever feel like trying the benefits this service has to offer, the only thing to do is to find FedEx drop off closest to your location and follow the procedure you can find in the piece of text written below.

How to use FedEx package drop off?

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The procedure is quite simple, though it will require you having an access to the internet in order to register your item, create a shipping label or fill out an airbill, prior to bringing item to the facility providing FedEx package drop off services. In order to get the paperwork done with, visit carrier’s official website at enter all the necessary information about your delivery, such as: your address and contact info, recipient’s address and contact, some extra details on your parcel’s content and measures, choose the type of payment your prefer. Then print all the necessary documents and pack the item you want to send and take a trip to FedEx drop off center to leave the item in a secure box for further collection. Don’t forget that international parcels require additional documents to successfully clear customs.

Where can I drop off a FedEx package?

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where to drop off fedex packages

So you’re done with all the paperwork, you’ve checked all the info carefully, printed all the documents and secured the item inside the box, and it’s now time to move to the final stage – an actual drop off. That’s about time you start wondering: where can I drop off a FedEx package? In case you don’t frequent local drop off facility, don’t worry. Not only are they extremely conveniently located, in both business and residential areas, in the airports, malls, you name it, but you can also use an easy online-locator to choose one nearest to you. Visit carrier’s website, the ‘locations’ section, enter your zip code and choose FedEx drop off points as the type of locations you’re looking for in order to narrow the search. You can sort locations by the distance and choose the one most suitable for you.

What are FedEx drop off hours?

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If you want your visit to any postal facility to be successful, it is a must to know the business hours and holiday schedule for the exact location you’re going to visit. When it comes to FedEx drop off hours and holidays, you can always find the info at company’s website. When searching for a local drop off facility, you’ll be able to see a brief summary on them, including business hours. If you are not certain about the information provided to you online, you can always call customer support line to make sure. Though, the thing like latest FedEx drop off time should not bother you much, since most of the locations with drop boxes work around the clock for your convenience.

Federal Express drop off regulations

Of course, much like with any other type of service, this one has a set of rules and regulations, which mostly concern the parcel you want to dispatch. First of all, let’s talk about the size of your parcel. Federal Express drop off is available for the packages up to 20" x 12" x 6" in dimensions. Second – drop off is available for express, ground and smart post deliveries. Though, since selected locations have later collection times, express deliveries might come with delay compared to regularly posted items. All parcels should be pre-labeled since none of your local FedEx drop off boxes accepts cash, check or bank cards, so be sure to arrange the payment in advance in order for your delivery to proceed without a hitch. That’s pretty much it with the things you should remember to successfully use drop off service. All in all, it’s actually a convenient way to deal with mail dispatch as FedEx Drop Off saves you time on waiting for a regular collection.