FedEx customer service phone number

fedex customer service number

fedex customer service telephone number

Have some issues with shipping? Need help from Fedex team? Then you should always know Fedex customer service number 1-800-463-3339: their experienced user-friendly assistants are ready to back you up. In this guide, you will find out where to call if you have questions or problems with Fedex shipping services.

Fedex customer service phone number

First and foremost, you should know the general number where you can call any time, with any requests and complaints. Write down the main Fedex customer service phone number: 1-800-463-3339. This hotline is available 24/7 for USA customers.

Please, note that this number is toll-free and the line is often overloaded, so you will have to listen to the automatic responding machine and be readdressed to the corresponding department. Thus, the conversation can take pretty much time.

Need a specific Fedex customer support phone number?

fedex customer support phone number

fedex freight customer service phone number

What if you have some particular issue and need to call some specific department? Fedex team (human) is available if you call Fedex customer support phone number 1 800-622-1147. Experienced customers prefer this number.

Here’s the list of specific numbers:

Those are the basic numbers of customer support. Their list is actually way bigger, but the above-mentioned phone numbers are enough to get comprehensive client support.

Please, note that since Fedex is an international postal company, those numbers are relevant for US customers only. Fedex customer service number differs from region to region. On this page, you can find the complete list of phone numbers in different regions and countries.

Cannot contact Fedex by phone? You can always make a request using the online form on Fedex website, or send them an email. On their website, customers are also free to file claims. Their assistants can be contacted in any convenient way.

There’s a huge number of Fedex customer support numbers, but you should write down the main one. Fedex ground customer service phone number is 1-800-463-3339. This is enough to stay in touch with the Fedex team and solve any issue that arises – you will be readdressed to the corresponding department without problems.