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DHL delivery company is known for providing top-notch logistics & shipping solutions for both regular clients and businesses. It has offices around the world and ships to 220 countries. It ships by air, sea, road and rail, offers storage and repair solutions as well as logistics options.

This guide covers the essential services in detail and mentions the flagman features which make DHL so popular among international audience.

  • Types of DHL shipping services

    Parcel & eCommerce department offers all types of delivery. DHL shipping is performed around the world though prices, dates and other conditions depend on the country. Clients can order standard, express, and freight shipping. International mail and documents are dispatched, as well. For example, in the US, shipping conditions are as follows:
    • Standard delivery time is 2-8 days for Domestic orders, 3-8 days to Canada, 4-8 days to Europe, and 6-14 days to other parts of the world.
    • Maximum weight of DHL package is 154 lbs for express parcels, 25 lbs for domestic, 66 lbs for Canada, and 44 lbs for the rest of the world.

    When it comes to freight shipping, the price and package limits depend on a variety of factors including destination, type of transport chosen, and time required.

  • DHL logistics solutions

    As we have already mentioned, the company puts focus on partnership with businesses and provides a wide array of logistics options for small (less than 250 people) and large (over 250 people) enterprises.

    DHL logistics solutions include the optimization of supply chain, projects for delivery of oversized cargo, event logistics, specialized options for wine & spirits industry, food logistics, and DHL LifeConEx service for premium temperature control of parcels. Each corporate customer gets some added value, not just regular delivery.

    Aside from it, the company optimizes expenses for businesses thanks to:

    • Warehousing options by DHL company (it runs its own storage facilities in different locations);
    • Solutions created specifically for certain sectors (energy, healthcare, automobile, retail, engineering);
    • Improved management solutions for optimization of supply chain.

    The combination of convenient storage, transporting, and management services makes it easier for businesses to overcome challenges.

  • About tracking with DHL number

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    The company received props and acclaim not only because of its convenient business solutions, but also for the tracking option made simple. DHL number can be used for fast & flawless checking of shipping status. The tracking process takes a few steps no matter which option you select:

    • Step 1

      Open the official website, proceed to ‘Tracking’ section. Enter the tracking ID and you will see the shipping details without registration.

    • Step 2

      Upon signing up, a user can check shipping status in ‘Delivery’ section and manage orders.

    • Step 3

      By using the mobile DHL app, users also can get access to their personal account and address the customer support.

    Do not forget that DHL parcels can be managed and tracked in any DHL office. The list of the nearest offices can be found on the official website.

  • What makes DHL the standard setter in the industry?

    DHL company strives not only to provide comprehensive services, but decrease the environmental impact. It implements the latest technologies and goes green. Its latest innovative improvements include self-driving vehicles, grey power logistics, batch size one, smart containerization, AI, unmanned aerial vehicles, low-cost sensor solutions, and so much more.

    DHL is more than a delivery company: this is a global corporation that’s constantly improving the quality of service and cares about ecological imprint.

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DHL review by ouina


comment ma commande a été livrer et que je n'ai pas encore reçu ma commande ? c du vole ou quoi mon article est en algerie les saline annaba depuis le 03/08/2022 et jusqu'a maintenant j'ai rien reçu je suis vraiment déçu

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DHL review by Hannah


Never got my package, There is pretty much no costumer service and they didn’t provide any updates on my package, if I could give zero stars I would

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DHL review by Jeffrey


Never again I'll send something thru this company. Definitely no recommend

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DHL review by Sammy


My package was delivered to another address now im the one who got catfished, dhl responded

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DHL review by Irina


doesn't work well!!!

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DHL review by Richard Cunningham


I have had great service from DHL and have never needed to contact them with a problem until now.. I set up a 3 parcel pick up in UK to be delivered to USA but I put in the wrong pick up date as 2nd August 2022 instead of August 3rd. Impossible to reschedule-had to resubmit everything and have paid twice over. Impossible to reach anybody by phone - all numbers unreachable - an absolute nightmare. To deal online, they require a 10 digit shipping number and the UK shipment numbers which are 14 digit cannot be used for identification purposes. I followed their Whatsapp instructions. Another dead end. What a nightmare. Hours wasted and close to GBP 400 paid twice. I could not be more upset with them for their lack of availability, ,

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