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The official country’s postal service, Canada post shipping specializes on delivery inside and outside the North America. Being a well-established postal company, it provides the whole gamut of shipping services. This guide provides a better insight into the cost of shipping and types of delivery available.

Canada post shipping estimate

Before you send your parcel, you might need to use the Canada post shipping estimate tool. Also, you can find all necessary information on the official website. So, how much time does delivery take?

As a rule, regular letters are delivered within 2 days in a city, and 4 business days over the country. The international shipping time depends on the country of destination. Also, you can check the delivery standards (applies to Canada only) on this page.

Generally, Canada post shipping times depend on the destination. The shipping from Canada to US might take from 2 to 7 days, while delivery to other more distant locations can take up to 21 days and even more – the quality of postal services abroad should also be taken into account. The information about delivery dates is also provided in Canada post offices.

Canada post shipping cost

canada post international shipping

canada post shipping times

Want to know Canada post shipping cost? On the official website, you can calculate the dimensions and weight, and the final cost of the delivery. On this page you can find the rates for both parcels and letters:

  • Choose the location of sender and receiver (use ZIP codes),
  • Specify package details (dimensions and weight in cm or in),
  • Calculate the rates.

Or you can check the list of rates for some certain types of delivery. Canada post international shipping can also be checked on the above-mentioned page.

If you run a small business and need to send multiple packages, you can use the Snap Ship tool. It allows printing out several labels and managing up multiple shipments at once. Small businesses will definitely benefit from this tool, as well as special discounts.

When it comes to Canada post free shipping, such service is available for small businesses (for instance, Free Tuesday shipping). Besides, there are different coupons and promo codes available for Canada post customers – check them on the official website or in offices.

Shipping over Canada and across its borders becomes affordable and easy with Canada post shipping services – this company always lives up to customers’ expectations.

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