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If you are going to send a parcel via the Canada Post service, you might be interested in Canada Post rates. Let’s find out how much does it cost to send a letter or a box via the company, and what’s the charge for certain services. You will learn how to use the price calculator, and where to check the rates.

Canada Post letter rates

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canada post lettermail rates

When it comes to the shipping of letters on the territory of Canada, it’s worth noting that Canada Post letter rates are quite affordable. Here’s the price for regular mail:

  • In Canada, a stamp for a letter costs $.90-$1.27;
  • To send a letter to the USA, you’ll need to pay $1.27 - $1.90;
  • When it comes to international shipping, one letter will cost you $2.65-$3.80.

If you send an unusually shaped letter, or it weighs over 50 g, special rates apply. Canada Post mailing rates in this case depend on the weight. For a 100-200 g letter, you have to pay from $3.12 to $10.90 depending on the destination. Letters weighing 400-500 g are worth $5.35 - $21.80.

Likewise, you can use a calculator to define the price of letter shipping. You’ll need to specify sender’s and receiver’s postal code and destination, select the size of the envelope and its weight.

Canada Post postage rates

Canada Post postage rates are higher than letter rates. If you need to send a package over 500 g, use the service for sending parcels: the company ships both in Canada and over the world. You can also check the rates online, order the service, print out a label, fill it and bring to the nearest Canada Post office.

The complete guide to postage rates can be found on this page. The document enlists the price of sending parcels and envelopes over Canada and the USA. As for Canada Post international rates, you can check them out by proceeding to this page.

Also, whenever you need help with calculation of postage price, feel free to contact the Canada Post customer support. They will help you to figure out the cost of service and might give you recommendations on how to save. The information about Canada Post rates is also available in the offices.

If you are ready to proceed with the order open this form and fill it up. Once you specify all the information, the price will be displayed automatically. You can pay, print out the label and ship the package.

Whenever you need to figure out Canada Post package rates, feel free to visit the website or contact the customer support to get the exact information.

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