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For those of you wondering where to go if you want to post or collect a parcel, Canada Post locations seekers, as one might call you, there is exactly a place to go to get all the necessary information. But first, you would have to decide, which locations exactly you are searching for.

Whether you need to visit local post office to get help from the employees with packaging or sending, or maybe your parcel was delivered to a location and is awaiting collection, or you need Canada Post mailbox locations in your area to post a package you’ve already prepared and pre-paid. As soon as you decide what you’re looking for, proceed to step two.

Where to find Canada Post Office locations?

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In order to find any possible location visit official website as the company provides the best and simplest way to find Canada Post Office locations around you. Enter zip code, address or city name and get the list of all company’s locations in your area.

You can use different tools to specify your search request and get the most relevant results. You can also find there some useful info about each location’s business hours. If you have any additional questions, especially concerning Canada Post pick up locations contact carrier’s customer support line at 1-866-607-6301 to get all of them answered.

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