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One of the most well-established Australian postal services, AusPost com au is the corporation that focuses on domestic and international shipping while providing an exceptional level of speed and safety. The company is praised by both employees and customers who value it for the quality of service.

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  • Quick facts about AusPost business

    The company takes pride in its historical heritage and current achievements. Here are some curious facts about it:

    • AusPost has been around for 200 years: it was launched in Colonial Australia.
    • 73 AusPost parcel post buildings are considered to be heritage properties that can be found in the Commonwealth Heritage List. The company invests in the maintenance of these buildings, even though some part of them is out of function.
    • In 2017, the company sent 3.3 bln parcels to 11.9 mln destinations across Australia and around 190 countries.
    • While AusPost is a public enterprise that gets $0 tax funding, it pays billions of dollars in dividends to the Australian government.
    • There’re over 4,300 AusPost store and office locations across the country with 2,500+ in remote areas.
    • Overall employee staff represents over 160 nationalities.
    • 2/3 of the network contractors are small businesses.
  • AusPost delivery services

    First and foremost, the company specializes in standard and express delivery. For Australians, it provides:

    • Standard shipping of non-urgent items that takes 2-7 days and is a cost-efficient option.
    • Same day AusPost shipping is performed within a state.
    • Next business day delivery inside and outside the Express network of offices.

    Carrier also provides international shipping services with the economy, standard, courier and express options available: they differ by timelines and the opportunity to track items. The company offers cost-efficient options for delivery to the USA, New Zealand, China and UK: customers can purchase international AusPost parcel satchels to ship almost any kind of items abroad. Business customers can enjoy discount fees and reduced delivery time.

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    What makes AusPost an outstanding carrier is a large number of additional services. For example, customers can arrange their passports and ID number, have their documents checked and translated, renew licenses and applications.

    Customers can buy collectibles, gifts (with package and shipping), stamps, accessories, and so much more In online AusPost shop and offices. The company also offers tech & office equipment, including phones, TVs, printers, etc.

    Besides, courier performs money transfer and insurance services. Customers can manage their funds more efficiently and quickly, and even organize their travel budget: the company exchanges currency.

  • Advantages of AusPost postage

    There are at least five reasons to send parcels using the national Australian postal service:

    • The carrier guarantees the safety of delivered items and takes care about proper packaging.
    • AusPost air mail parcel takes a few days only for international delivery (up to 10 days around the world) and local shipping. The company delivers as fast as possible.
    • The company has a well-established network of offices that are located in close proximity to the end customers. That simplifies clients’ lives considerably.
    • The company provides comprehensive business delivery solutions: its corporate partners enjoy agreeable pricing policy, as well as short delivery timelines.
    • All customers can easily manage their shipments, documents, and insurance with the help of my AusPost service: all necessary information is available in their personal account in a couple of clicks.
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    All in all, AusPost is the worthiest carrier in Australia that boasts a large variety of services and optimal shipping fees and deadlines.

  • How to track AusPost courier and standard delivery?

    The Australian postal service would be incomplete without a high-quality tracking solution. The carrier simplified the process of tracking. Now it’s done the following way:

    • step 1

      Open the official AusPost website, find Tools section and go to Track an Item.

    • step 2

      Enter the AusPost number (tracking ID is specified in emails, personal account, and other order notifications) and press Track.

    • step 3

      You will see the information about the shipping progress, current parcel location, expected delivery time, and other details.

    Tracking can be done without logging in, but if you wish to set up notifications and get detailed shipping information, those can be found in the user’s personal account.

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    AusPost offers a mobile app: it’s helpful for tracking and managing parcels on the go. The software is compatible with Android, iOS and other systems. Also, you can get AusPost contact information on the website to ask assistants questions about the service.

    Alternatively, parcels can be tracked on third-party websites, such as No login info is required.

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Australia Post review by Robert Reitano


I do not understand how a parcel can be processed in Victoria on Monday and arrive in Brisbane (Qld - Redbank processing facility) on Tuesday and redirected to Pinkenba processing facility which is 38 minutes away and still not be processed for delivery on the Friday of the same week. What the heck is Australia Post Qld doing with our parcel deliveries? This is just not good enough!

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Australia Post review by Rockey


I need help about my parcel Dilvery after 21 July no update in status please help me out to find the parcel

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Australia Post review by Gena Louise


Nothing awesome about this service… pay for express and two weeks later still has not arrived… useless is Australia Post OOO Stars

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Australia Post review by Michelle Pettigrew


Have been tracking a parcel from Adelaide to Ontario, Canada. The last update said it was at the local post office in the suburb of Ontario that was 10 days ago. Nothing since Where is it????

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Australia Post review by Angela


My passport is stuck in North Melbourne post office and from there it has to go to William street post office... it's been there since 10th June and I've an international flight to catch on 28th June.. me calling the customer service and going to the post office (william street) personally hasn't helped a bit..Yeah got a customer number only to be told to contact them after 1st July... THANK YOU AUSTRALIA POST.. I'm nervous, anxious, low mood, desperate, sad.... and I live just around the block.

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Australia Post review by Robert young


I put my tracking number in and it tell me it cannot find it can someone please tell me why

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