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Australia’s main carrier, Aus Post company delivers parcels and letters all over the continent and outside its borders. Together with timely shipping, it provides a lot of additional services, including Aus Post tracking. Here’s your ultimate guide to this function: ways to track your Aus Post parcel and get all essential information concerning the process of delivery.

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au tracking

  • When Aus tracking is applicable?

    Aus Post customers can track their parcels regardless of the delivery service chosen – this information is always available online. As soon as the order submitted and the parcel is registered in the postal office, it is given an ID code. Both sender and receiver can use the tracking number for Aus tracking during:

    • Standard shipping of regular parcels (takes 2-7 days).
    • One-day shipping within Australian state.
    • Next-day delivery within or outside the Express office network.
    • International shipping with delivery dates depending on the country of destination.

    It’s always important to know where your shipment is, and when exactly it will reach the pickup point. With Aus Post, such information is always at client’s fingertips.

  • Ways of tracking Aus Post

    aus post parcel tracking

    aus post tracking

    There are many methods of tracking Aus Post parcels:

    • Fast tracking with an ID number. A customer can visit Aus Post website or any other third-party tracking service, such as, and use the tracking code to get basic information about delivery. No other personal data is required.
    • Tracking in the personal account. With this method, Aus Post customers can get more ample information about the delivery process, manage documents and change the pickup point before shipment dispatch. It’s available on the official website only.
    • Aupost tracking via a mobile application. In this case, a user also should authorize and access his account. Auspost app allows tracking and managing delivery on the go. Besides, the mobile app can send push notifications about the delivery status.
    • Have no time to visit the website and checking mobile apps? Then you can set up email notifications about the delivery status. You can receive messages showing you the updates in the delivery process. It’s convenient and fast, and no personal data except your email address is required.
    aupost tracking

    aus tracking

    With Au tracking, the information about the delivery process is renewed in real time, so you can keep tabs on your shipments without a problem.

  • How Au Post tracking works?

    Want to get quick access to the shipping details? It’s easy when you have a tracking number. Do the following:

    • step 1

      Visit the official Aus Post website and find Tools button. Choose Track an Item.

    • step 2

      Enter the tracking ID and press Track.

    • step 3

      Au Post tracking service will provide you with the details about the current shipping progress and parcel location, delivery due date and other.

    The same can be done on third-party websites providing tracking services – you will need to open the website, copy and paste the tracking ID in the corresponding field. No registration or logging in is needed. However, anonymous tracking means you get a minimal amount of information about the shipping process for the purpose of privacy.

    aus post international tracking

    au post tracking

  • Where to get Aus Post tracking number?

    Aus Post cares about customers’ convenience and provides multiple ways to receive the ID tracking number. First, it’s generated as soon as the order is accepted and formed in the sorting center, and sent to the user in an email. SMS notifications also can contain such information. Secondly, shipment’s ID number can be found in the personal account: if you authorize, open your cabinet and find Orders section, you will be able to find the Aus Post tracking number. That applies to both Aus Post website and mobile application.

    Alternatively, the tracking ID is provided on printed papers, and if you send a parcel via an Auspost office, you can get one. In any case, you can visit an Auspost office and ask assistants to provide you with the data.

  • More than Post tracking: Aus Post advantages

    The list of Aus Post advantages isn’t limited by a great post tracking Aus service only. Why do customers trust this company?

    • It guarantees safe shipping and handles parcels accurately. Aus Post takes care of proper packaging and secure transportation.
    • The delivery process takes a few days – the carrier ships items in the shortest time possible. Customers’ parcels are sent within 1-5 days in Australia or up to 10 days around the worlds.
    • Aus Post has a well-developed network of offices located close to clients – that simplifies their life.
    • Aside from Aus Post international tracking, there’s the whole gamut of additional services, such as currency exchange, document handling, online shop, and so on.

    With Aus Post, you can track your shipment as quickly and easily as never before.

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Australia Post review by Robert Reitano


I do not understand how a parcel can be processed in Victoria on Monday and arrive in Brisbane (Qld - Redbank processing facility) on Tuesday and redirected to Pinkenba processing facility which is 38 minutes away and still not be processed for delivery on the Friday of the same week. What the heck is Australia Post Qld doing with our parcel deliveries? This is just not good enough!

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Australia Post review by Rockey


I need help about my parcel Dilvery after 21 July no update in status please help me out to find the parcel

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Australia Post review by Gena Louise


Nothing awesome about this service… pay for express and two weeks later still has not arrived… useless is Australia Post OOO Stars

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Australia Post review by Michelle Pettigrew


Have been tracking a parcel from Adelaide to Ontario, Canada. The last update said it was at the local post office in the suburb of Ontario that was 10 days ago. Nothing since Where is it????

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Australia Post review by Angela


My passport is stuck in North Melbourne post office and from there it has to go to William street post office... it's been there since 10th June and I've an international flight to catch on 28th June.. me calling the customer service and going to the post office (william street) personally hasn't helped a bit..Yeah got a customer number only to be told to contact them after 1st July... THANK YOU AUSTRALIA POST.. I'm nervous, anxious, low mood, desperate, sad.... and I live just around the block.

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Australia Post review by Robert young


I put my tracking number in and it tell me it cannot find it can someone please tell me why

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