Package Tracking

Carrier autodetection, type any number

  • What is a tracking number?

    Delivery companies use tracking numbers for each parcel they deliver. This way, clients can see where their package is. The number consists of a couple of characters. Letters and numbers form the personal number of each package. It is created automatically at the moment of registering the parcel. The primary purpose of their use is standard and mechanic sorting at the time of transportation.

  • Where can I get the tracking number?

    The sending of the package is proven by a document in which is written the information that determines the sending. The registration is made by the delivery company or the online store that sells it. It is useful for the one that delivers and also to the customer. The number can be found without the sender.

  • What kind of format the tracking number have?

    Here you can see the most popular formats that belong to delivery companies. They will help you to find out how do they look.

    • International mail — tracking number of 13 characters (four letters and nine numbers). It seems like BB 123456789 BB (the last two characters show the country).
    • FedEX — is formed by 15 or a minimum of 12 characters.
    • UPS — each of one starts with 1Z.
    • USPS — usually contains 22 numbers.
  • Where is my package?

    The primary condition of tracking packages is to know the number. You must enter it in an intended field and press Enter. The site will show you the result. This way, you can see the particular route of the package from the delivery company to the receiver.

  • Tracking international parcels

    The actions that you must do are connected to the type of Delivery Company. In the case of global carriers’ companies such as FedEX or UPS – you will see them on the relevant web page.